Are You Tired of Shopping for Insurance in Texas?

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You might be paying too much for excessive coverage you do not need. Or you might have too low limits that do not protect you and your family in case of an accident.

Are You Tired of Shopping for Insurance in Texas?

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Individual & Umbrella Policies

Car Insurance

Car insurance in Texas is a necessary investment as financial protection for you and your vehicle. In case of accidents, damages, theft, or breakdowns, car insurance can take care of a lot of things. It includes towing, repairs, rentals, and sometimes even replacements. Every state has its own requirements for car insurance. However, many drivers need stronger coverage to deal with the worst-case scenario. Texas Car insurance rates vary based on the type of coverage, state, age, marital status, and driving history.

Umbrella Insurance

Anyone can face unexpected accidents or claims. Our Texas Umbrella insurance provides protection above and beyond the limits of existing insurance coverage.  Umbrella insurance in Texas covers injuries, personal liability, property damage, and some lawsuits. If car insurance, home insurance, or motorcycle insurance becomes exhausted, this additional insurance may provide the extra coverage you need. Our Umbrella insurance can also cover claims that other insurances don’t cover supporting you in the rainy days.

Home Isurance

Texas Home insurance is important for the protection of homeowners and their property. Most states don’t need it. However, the majority of lenders require proof of home insurance before approving a home loan. Texas Home insurance covers damage to the home, hotel stays during home repairs covered by insurance, legal expenses in the case of an accident lawsuit, and stolen property. For example, if a home gets flooded due to burst pipes, home insurance would cover the repairs and any necessary hotel stays.

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We are home and car insurance experts from the technology and insurance industries. Our co-founders worked in companies such as Amazon, Progressive, and Nationwide. We believe technology and data can be put to work to make everyone’s life easier. This will save insurance companies to resort to pouring billions of dollars into advertising every year. Also, they will no longer have to leverage lizards or exotic animals in their commercials to capture customers’ attention. (We all know, customers have to pay for it ultimately.)

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